Three Reasons Kepler Education is a Great Choice for Online Classes This Fall

Three Reasons Kepler Education is a Great Choice for Online Classes This Fall

July 23rd, 2020

Have you noticed that online education shops are starting up everywhere in these uncertain times? We certainly have! In the online education world, it’s all too easy to drift into the wrong crowd. When it comes to your child’s education, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into.

Kepler offers a network of outstanding educators providing quality in-depth teaching, a very broad range of courses with a solid historical Christian approach, and a flexible diploma track option to fit your needs and budget. Your student will engage with the very best teachers over the very best material. We offer a college-style approach to 7th-12th grades as families choose the courses and teachers that fit them best.

What is the Kepler difference?

  1. Our teachers are top-of-the-line independent classical educators. “Empower families by liberating teachers” is our motto. We have indeed attracted many of the very best teachers who are committed to the historic Christian faith in doctrine and morality. An incredible 80% of our teachers have graduate or terminal degrees, but we also contract with promising young teachers who we believe will grow with Kepler’s guidance. Kepler is a much-needed innovation in education, providing a powerful platform to enable these highly-qualified teachers to pass on the baton to your children. Visit our teacher profiles and see for yourself!

  2. Kepler Education is rigorous. We are not interested in just keeping students busy but in truly educating them, preparing them to flourish in both their private and professional lives. Many Kepler teachers opt for a flipped classroom model (consisting of weekly assignments, a lecture, and a live Socratic discussion). This model has proven to be both time-conscious and effective for teachers and students in a class size that allows for individualized attention.

  3. Kepler works with your priorities. We offer a wide variety of choices in terms of curriculum, teaching philosophy, price, and schedule. Even more importantly, Kepler gives you all you need to choose the teachers who can best help you fulfill your calling as parents. We provide each teacher’s biography, teaching philosophy, statement of faith, and contact information. Use our website to find out what’s important to our teachers and what kind of role model they will be for your children. We have vetted our teachers thoroughly so that the only surprise will be how much your student grows in confidence, enjoys rising to new challenges, and asks for more!

So welcome to the Kepler consortium of teachers! Spend time on our website and shortlist the teachers and courses that fit your family best. Kepler teachers delight in Christ, in their subject matter, and in their students. If choosing your teachers is overwhelming (and for parents who take their children’s education seriously, it should be!), our Parent/Student Advisor is your advocate and will help you find the right course of study for your child. Come to Kepler. You’ll be glad you did!

What parents are saying

"We have tried a few online learning platforms and appreciate the quality of teaching, depth of material and range of courses that Kepler offers."

– Eva E., Kepler homeschool family

"The professor has been very professional and knowledgeable as well as helpful with any issues the students in his class had to deal with during this time. Thank you so much for this opportunity, my son had a wonderful experience and I will definitely recommend Kepler classes to more families searching for their next courses!"

– Joy G., Kepler homeschool family

"My daughter grew educationally and spiritually through the Defense of the Faith class offered by Mr. Kevin Smith. The readings challenged her to think deeply about her own faith, and the assignments were perfectly suited to her educational needs."

– Sue D., Kepler homeschool family

"When your son asks us to buy him a copy of Livy's history to read outside of class you know he's made a connection with the material!"

– Beth R., Kepler homeschool family