Teaching Online: a Four-part Webinar Series

Teaching Online: a Four-part Webinar Series

March 18th, 2020

Teaching Online: a four-part webinar series

Because thousands of teachers across America have been forced to take their classrooms online because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we at Kepler education are working overtime to serve teachers and families who have been affected by these school closures.

If you are a teacher who has recently been forced to start teaching online, we are offering a four-part webinar series covering the fundamentals of teaching online. Anyone can join, but the focus will be towards teachers who have had to abruptly switch to online classes due to the Covid-19 concerns. Additionally, these webinars will cover the practical tools available for effectively teaching online with classical pedagogy in mind.

Part I - Introduction to Online Teaching, with Scott Postma:

Part 2 - Lecturing Online, with Brian Daigle:

Part 3 - Online Recitations and Flipped Classrooms, with Scott Postma:

Part 4 - Online Workshopping and Languages, with Tim Griffith

Link: Worksheet Template