Kepler Education Names New CEO

Kepler Education Names New CEO

January 2nd, 2023


The New Year brings expectations for a brighter future, and with it, exciting new opportunities. This New Year, Roman Roads Press is excited to announce the hiring of Scott Postma as dedicated CEO for its startup, Kepler Education.

In 2019, Roman Roads Press transitioned its boutique-model online classes (Roman Roads Classroom) into its own company, Kepler Education. Under the leadership of Daniel Foucachon, this new business incubated within its parent company, and grew from an idea to a fully-launched and proven educational model that is now ready to launch as its own entity, with a dedicated CEO and board of directors.

At Kepler, parents can partner with educators as they fulfill the mandate to give their children a Christian education without compromising the educational agency that draws millions to the homeschool model.

Kepler accomplishes this by freeing teachers from traditional institutional restraints by leveraging available technology. This allows educators to teach the curriculum they desire, in the method they choose, at the time and price they set, all within a single and vetted platform of Christian + classical + conservative teachers. This gives parents choice as they choose the educators, style, and curriculum that best suit each of their children, while benefiting from a unified experience.

Scott Postma (PhD slated Spring 2023) taught for Roman Roads Classroom for four years before Kepler started, and then accepted the title of President of Kepler in 2019. He brings decades of prior experience starting two brick-and-mortar schools, and leading two church plants as he accepts the new title of Chief Executive Officer for Kepler Education.

Daniel Foucachon, CEO of parent company Roman Roads Press, said:

“I could not be more pleased about the choice of Scott Postma for CEO of Kepler Education. Kepler has already transformed the way many parents approach and think about education, and Scott Postma has already been integral to that process at Kepler. This is an exciting time in the renewal of classical learning, and I expect Kepler to play an important role in that renewal.”

Scott Postma, President and CEO of Kepler Education, said:

“What Kepler is doing for education in the modern world is truly reformational. We are using technologies available because of modern advancements in the applied sciences for the purpose of recovering and democratizing the kind of education that actually made such advancements possible. This is remarkable. I am excited for the opportunity to lead Kepler Education as we do our part in the educational reformation by empowering families to give their children a human education by liberating teachers who are committed to the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.”

Kepler offers online classes in all subjects for grades 6-12, as well as a Teacher Certification program under the direction of Dr. Robert Woods, and adult classes. The mission of Kepler Education is to “Empower Families by Liberating Teachers.”

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or learn more about Kepler's educational philosophy from our short film, "We've Been Schooled!"