Announcing Kepler Life: a Community for Students, Families, and Teachers

Announcing Kepler Life: a Community for Students, Families, and Teachers

July 29th, 2020

Dear Kepler parents,

This is Joffre Swait, your family’s academic advisor, writing to you to make a special announcement. This is something our team and our teachers have been planning for a little while, something I’m especially glad to announce as a homeschooled student turned homeschooling parent. It’s by homeschoolers for homeschoolers.

So… drumroll please

Announcing Kepler Life!

Kepler Life

Kepler Life is student life. It builds up the Kepler Community, sharpens key life skills, and of course, is an outlet for fun. Any students enrolled in Kepler classes are able to connect with each other through service, clubs, and professional development activities.

The mission of Student Life is to provide Kepler students with a full-fledged student experience that teaches them leadership and management skills, while providing them with the tools to integrate their education into their lives. Student Life seeks to help in preparing them for their future lives as men and women of God, whether in church, in college, at work, or at home.

For the Student

In connection with teacher-mentors, students have the freedom and flexibility to form or plug in to their own clubs, structure their own bylaws, and organize events. Leadership opportunities are available at the Student Council and club level.

For the Teacher

KL allows teachers to foster their love of mentorship and creativity. Consider overseeing a club that you and your students are passionate about. Guide the next generation by enriching their leadership skills in an environment of grace.

For the Families

Part of Kepler Life are student services, which include student IDs (get that discount at the movie theater or science museum!) and transcripts. Kepler Education wants to serve homeschooling families as fully as possible, whether they're on our Diploma Track or taking a single class.

Kepler Magazine & Yearbook

One unique aspect of the student consortium is Kepler Life Magazine. This publication aims to showcase the work of students whether it be artwork, musical compositions, humanity papers, poems, or photography just to name a few.

The primary task of the KC Student Council will be to oversee the content, editing, publication, and dispatching of the magazine. Appointed mentors will coordinate with students and teachers in order to provide a quality digest of student accomplishments.

Another aspect of the magazine will likely be a yearbook. Stay tuned for more information!

Get Connected

Students, we hope you take advantage of this opportunity to have fun, develop peer relationships, gain extra access to your instructors’ wisdom, and increase your leadership experience.

Check out the Kepler Life Facebook page to join in on the conversation and participate in events.

Email Sean Bohnet for more information at

Kepler Community: Our Clubs

Leadership opportunities are not limited to Student Council. Every club needs student leadership!

If you're a student and have an idea for a club, please let us know.


Student Council is an opportunity for students to take on responsibility, hone leadership skills, and manage various projects for the Kepler Community. Student Council will plan their own agenda for each academic year, including student body volunteer events, social calendar, yearbook, and Student Life Magazine.

Write one of our mentors to find out how to join.

Mentors: TBD


Do you love chess? Do you want to learn to love chess? This club meets once a week, with a brief time of interactive instruction followed by intramural play the rest of the time. The focus for improvement is through rapid and frequent play. Please contact the mentors for further information.

Mentors: Joseph A’Hearn and Ryan Griffiths


Spanish Club is not just for those who are currently studying Spanish! If you love talking about the cultures, foods, literature, and film of the Spanish-speaking world, this is the club for you. Come sharpen your skills and have some fun con tus amigos.

Mentor: Joffre Swait